Annual Hockey Game
Grand Traverse Guns N Hoses began it's first annual hockey event on January 18th, 2014 for the Dunklow family of Traverse City, MI. It was clear after this event and the amount of overwhelming community support that future events were a must! 

The Grand Traverse Guns N Hoses board was offically formed and the wheels were in motion to assist other families in need in the greater Grand Traverse Region. Although Grand Traverse Guns N Hoses has grown as an organization far beyond just an annual hockey game, this is our staple event. 

Our board opens nominations for an individual or family in the fall of every year. Nominations are open for approximately a month prior to our board meeting to select a famiy. Our board uses a weighted criteria to vet each nomination and select a family or individual. 

Below you will find a history of each of our previous annual hockey game recipients. 
The Grand Traverse Guns N Hoses board presenting a check to the McDonald family of Traverse City in 2017

This was the first annual Grand Traverse Guns-N-Hoses Benefit Hockey Game. Local law enforcement squared off against local Firefighters/EMS to raise money for the Dunklow family in Traverse City. 17 month old Draven Dunklow was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rapidly developing eye cancer. Draven underwent chemotherapy at DeVos Children’s Hospital. Proceeds from this event assisted the Dunklow Family with travel and medical expenses not covered by insurance.

UPDATE: We are happy to report that Draven Dunklow is successfully undergone treatment and is doing very well. Doctors expect Draven to make a full recovery and be a happy and healthy boy! 

Amount Raised: $15,042.00


The second annual Grand Traverse Guns-N-Hoses hockey game benefited the Kohler Family of Leelanau County. 15 Year Old Christopher Kohler of Suttons Bay, MI underwent diagnostic testing for multiple inoperable brain masses. Proceeds from this event assisted the Kohler Family with travel and medical expenses not covered by insurance.

**UPDATE: Chris has undergone multiple tests which show that the masses are not changing or growing. They continue to monitor and obserce Chris' condition. He is doing well otherwise and plans to head to college!

Amount Raised: $10,174.59


Our board accepted the nomination of naming Alyssa Lone, 19, of Frankfort as our beneficiary our third annual hockey game in 2016.
Alyssa has been volunteering with the Frankfort Fire Department for a couple of years now, but just in the last couple of months prior to her accident, became a certified firefighter.

Late on the night of September 6th, a pickup truck was hit by a semi at the intersection of US131 and M186 near Fife Lake. Alyssa was in the passenger seat of that pickup, the side where the semi initially made contact. The collision left Lone critically injured.
She was initially in the ICU at Munson Medical Center before being moved to a rehabilitation center in Muskegon, MI. 

Alyssa will need extensive therapy for many years. Her family has faced with soaring medical bills and travel expenses.

**UPDATE: Alyssa continues to make progress in her recovery. She continues to undergo rehabilitation with the help of her doctors and family. 

Amount Raised: $14,512.00


Our 4th annual hockey game raised much needed funds for Sean Adam McDonald, of Traverse City, MI. Sean was diagnosed with non-small cell Stage 4 lung cancer. Sean was the sole provider for his family which consists of his loving wife and 4 beautiful daughters. 

Sean was unable to work and support his family while undergoing difficult treatment. The doctors believed it was hereditary and say there is nothing he did or could’ve done to prevent this, especially since he is not a smoker or drinker. 

It was truly a privledge and honor to support the McDonald family during our 4th annual event. Unfortunately, just a few short months after our event, Sean lost his brave battle with cancer. Our thoughts are with the McDonald family during this very difficult time. 

Amount Raised: $13,817.23


The selection process for our 2018 hockey game proved to be difficult with seven nominations, the most our organization had ever recieved. After reviewing each nomination, the Grand Traverse Guns N Hoses board announced our support and official selection of Erin Banton & Family of Traverse City.

In June 2015, at age 34, Erin was diagnosed with stage I Breast Cancer. From the start, she has fought with bravery, love, and grace; determined to show cancer her true strength. With the support from our amazing community and her family, Erin came out on top.

Less than two years later, in May 2017, Erin was diagnosed with stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. Without knowing exactly what to expect, Erin and Travis will likely encounter extra medical expenses and loss of wages at their full time jobs as they will be caring for their three amazing boys, supporting one another, and putting Erin’s health first.

Our 2018 hockey game set records in both monies raised and attendance. Centre Ice Arena (our venue) was completely sold out with a standing room only crowd. 

**UPDATE: Erin continues to undergo treatment for her cancer. Erin is determined to put up a fight and is a huge advocate for Metastatic Breast Cancer. As with all of our beneficiaries past and present, we stand with them and support them along their journey. 

Amount Raised: $19,125.41


The Grand Traverse Guns N Hoses board has officially selected a beneficiary for our February 23, 2019 annual hockey game. We are pleased to announce that we’ve selected the De Puy (D-Pew) family of Leelanau County!

Mike (Husband / Father) was diagnosed in 2016 with Stage 3 rectal cancer at the age of 39. After multiple surgeries at the University of Michigan, radiation and chemo here at the Cowell Cancer Center, the cancer unfortunately metastasized to his lungs and skin, bumping him to a stage 4 cancer patient. Mike and Mandy traveled to the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, as well as MD Anderson in Houston, Texas to participate in clinical trials with little to no success. 

On a return flight from Bethesda, Maryland in March, Mandy received a call from her doctor informing her of her mammogram results. That ever familiar word “Cancer” now came into her world. She was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and upon further genetic testing found she is a carrier of the BRCA 2 gene. Mandy underwent a bilateral mastectomy in June at Munson Medical Center and will complete her reconstructive surgeries in December. She continues to finish her chemo treatments at the Cowell Cancer Center. Even though her breast cancer has been removed, having Triple Negative Breast Cancer/BRCA gene raises a risk of cancer relapse within 3-5 years, as well as increased risk for pancreatic and skin cancers.

Little did they know when they married 15 years ago, Mike and Mandy would both battle cancer together. Unfortunately on December 4th, 2018 Mike lost his battle with cancer. The DePuy family needs our community support now more than ever before. Please consider joining us for a night of fun for a great cause! 

Amount Raised to date: $0

GT Guns & Hoses Hockey has raised over $72,000 as of 2018!