We hope the questions and answers listed below will help make your experience at our event more enjoyable! If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us!

Q: What time do the doors open for the game?
A: Doors for the event open at 6:00pm. There is plenty of parking at the arena, but the close spots usually fill up quickly. So, we suggest you plan ahead and get there early for a good parking spot and seat.

Q: What time is the Silent Auction?
A: Silent auction will begin at 6:00pm when doors open. It is held upstairs in the corridor between the rinks.

Q: Is there enough parking for everybody?
A: In past events (partially due to the fact that there are large snow piles) parking is always difficult. We’ve had parking extend out as far as Carlisle Rd. and Hammond Rd. Again, please plan accordingly.

Q: Are shirts available for the event?
A: Yes, we have shirts available for the event! They can be purchased from Bill Marsh Auto on Garfield for $10.00 each. We have adult S, M, L, XL, and 2x. We also have youth sizes S, M, L. They will also be available for sale during the game on Saturday.

Q: Are tickets still available?
A: Pre-ticket sales will be available up until the night before the event. Capacity is around 1,400, so there will be plenty of room even after pre-sale tickets are gone.

Q: Is seating General Admission?
A: Yes, whether you have pre-sale tickets or purchase a ticket at the door, it is first come first serve seating in the bleachers, mezzanine, and lower level glass areas. There is an exception to a few reserved areas, which will be marked.

Q: Why pre-sale tickets then?
A: Pre-sale tickets allow us to speed up the process and help get everyone into the game on time. They can simply give their ticket to one of our ushers at the door who will check the ticket and keep the stub, and in you go! No waiting in line!

Q: Are donations made to Grand Traverse Guns N Hoses tax deductible?
A: Grand Traverse Guns N Hoses is set up as a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status with the IRS. Donations to our organization are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations.

Q: Are alcoholic beverages served at Centre Ice?
A: No. Further, they cannot be brought onto the premises from an outside source.

Q: Approximately how long does the game last?
A: The short answer is approximately 3 hours. There are three twenty minute stopped clock periods. There is intermission in between each period for you to look at auction items, visit the concession stand, watch the Center Ice Challenge shot, or do the Chuck-A- Puck!

Q: This is my first hockey game. Anything I should know?
A: Centre ICE Arena is a zero tolerance building that conforms to USA Hockey rules. Fans should be aware that throwing items onto the ice, belligerent behavior, ect. will not be tolerated. While the players are by no means NHL All-Stars, it is a decent hockey game to watch! It is an ICE arena, so it will be cold. You can bring sweatshirts, coats, blankets, ect. Usually, with that many people packed in, it is comfortable! Above all else, have fun and enjoy!

Q: Are credit cards accepted?
A: Ticket sales will be either cash or check only. We can accept cash, check, or credit card for Silent Auction items and T-shirts / Jerseys. Checks should be made payable to GRAND TRAVERSE GUNS N HOSES, Inc.

Q: Is food / drink available?
A: Both food and drink are available inside the arena. Mancino’s Pizza has a concession stand in the upstairs area and will have two different areas set up to purchase items.

Q: Are donations specific to the beneficiary accepted?
A: Absolutely. There will be donation cans at the event as well where you can donate to our beneficiary and family above and beyond your ticket / shirt / puck purchases, ect.

Q: Are kids under a certain age free?
A: Children ages 3 and under will not be charged admission for the event.

Q: I am a photographer. Am I free to move about the arena to take photos?
A: We have a few dedicated photographers assigned to our event. They have media passes and are given permission to be on the ice, behind the bench, ect. We would ask that if you do not have a media pass, you do not enter these areas. You are, however, more than welcome to take photos from the general admission areas.